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A Month Full of Love for Rhinos

March 9, 2015

Traditionally February has been known to be a month full of love, well here at a The Rhino Orphanage we were no exception. The rhinos were loving on each other, the rhino care givers were full of love for the rhinos, and the rhinos were showing love to their caregivers. There was also love shown toward the orphanage. The Reddam House Waterfal School became the first official partner with The Rhino Orphanage by holding their first fundraising event on the 13th of February. In honor of their sponsorship toward Nyani, who really enjoys blowing bubbles while drinking water, the school sold bubbles. The proceeds that they earned went directly to Nyani. The day of the fundraiser was great. Three of the Orphanage’s caregivers were invited to visit the school and speak to the children about the day to day tasks needed to care for all the rhinos and fun facts all about Nyani. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. The Rhino Orphanage (and of course Nyani) couldn’t thank them enough for their support.

On the 18th of February Wildlife Emergency Treatment Workshop sponsored by Care For Wild Africa and Pharm4Game took place. The Orphanage’s Caregivers were happy for the opportunity to attend and really took in valuable informational on how to treat wildlife in emergency situations.

Also throughout the month a rhino carer, Simone, went to the surrounding schools setting up appointments in order to visit. During the visits, she will be presenting a presentation on the awareness of what is really happening to our rhinos and what they can do to help. She is looking forward to sharing.

February also brought a very important donation that will help us save many baby rhino lives; we received a truck from UD Trucks that will be transformed into a bush ambulance so we can get to difficult and remote areas to rescue the orphans. We are forever grateful to UD Trucks, Rory Schultz and everyone that contributed to make this donation possible.

The month concluded with 2 volunteers arriving, Georgina from Australia and Karina from Canada. We are so thrilled to have them and are excited for the next few months with them.