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Another Set of Volunteers Say Goodbye

August 6, 2017

We recently said goodbye to two of our amazing volunteers, Maddie and Carolyn.

We rely on our dedicated volunteers to assist us with everything at the orphanage, ranging from shoveling rhino poo to sleepless nights with our young orphans.

This is what Maddie and Carolyn had to say about their time here:

“There is something so special about calling to a rhino in her language and having her call back, or having her run to you when she gets a fright, just like she would her mum. The most memorable close encounters that I’ll cherish always are the everyday moments with these special creatures that are in themselves extraordinary.” – Maddie

“I’ve met many people who made this journey so incredibly special, and for who I’m sincerely thankful beyond words. Most of all I’m grateful to our baby rhinos who’ve filled my heart with their cheeky attitudes, attention seeking antics, milk rage tantrums and sweet loving smooches, and who never fail to teach me something new, every single time.” – Carolyn