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Anti-Poaching Dogs and Baby Rhinos

June 4, 2020

We have started to take Hunter on bush walks with our babies. This allows Hunter to learn the scent of the baby rhinos as part of his training. Hunter will in future, if successful, be used to locate babies after poaching incidents, should the rescue teams be unable to find them. We have done a few test runs and it seems that our boy realizes what the job is at hand.

Scenting him on Mapimpi’s blanket, Hunter sets off at an astonishing pace to locate Mapimpi. We are amazed at the Malinois abilities.

Hunter’s astonishing empathy with the animals at the orphanage continues with Mapimpi, as once located, Hunter stays as close as he can to the little rhino, laying down patiently as Mapimpi grazes. Jessie and Amelia are still very uncertain about Hunter’s presence but we are confident that they too will accept him on the walks.