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Baby Goat and Baby Rhino Best Friends

June 27, 2022

When a baby goat and a baby rhino becomes besties…

Little Kwayera has been with us for 3 months already. He is a very laid back, quiet little boy and will happily sleep in the sun whilst his human moms get on with daily tasks. He has maintained a slow and steady weight gain and now he has made a new friend too, a pedi sheep named Button.

Although Button was very cautious of the little rhino the first two days, both boys are settling in with the new arrangements. Kwayera’s human moms are still taking turns to sleep with the duo at night and keeping close watch during the day.

Its always better for little rhino orphans to have animal friends and sheep make ideal companions. Kwayera still refuses grazing on grass and the Team hopes that Button will teach our little boy exactly what to do.