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Bombi, New Orphan Rhino Arrival

July 8, 2017


We received a call yesterday afternoon about an orphaned rhino calf whose mother was sadly poached. Bombi, who is around a year old, arrived at TRO at 3am this morning and is slowly adjusting to his new surroundings, he’s such a brave little rhino. Once he has had time to settle in he will be introduced to Neni, Thula and Nandi. Grouping the rhino calves together greatly reduces stress for the new calf and allows them to learn from each other. The three of them will teach Bombi how things work at the orphanage and in turn Bombi will teach them the ways of the wild.

Thank you to everyone involved in making the rescue of Bombi possible!

*NB* Blindfolds and earplugs are used to reduce external stimuli and this minimizes stress on the rhino calves

8 July 2017 – Update

After Bombi was given time to settle in, his blindfold and earplugs were removed and TRO carers spent the day closely monitoring him and working to earn his trust.


9 July 2017 – Update

The introduction of Bombi to Neni, Thula and Nandi went very well! Bombi was a bit unsure of his new surroundings in the boma so we only allowed Neni in to meet him and the two of them starting calling to each other straight away (a great sign!). We then let Neni back out into the big boma to meet up with the girls and Bombi instinctively followed him out. Our plan worked!
Bombi has been following the group around the boma and now the 4 of them are taking a nap in the warm sun!
None of this would be possible without all of our dedicated heroes!
Pilanesberg National Park & Wildlife Trust, Rhino 911, Dr Gerhardus and team, OSCAP, Blankets for Baby Rhinos, The Rhino Orphanage team