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Eve, New Rhino Orphan Arrival

January 2, 2019

** New Arrival **

2018 ended with yet another orphaned rhino calf. Our Team was called on New Years Eve to help with a 3 month old baby who lost her mommy at the hands of poachers.

Luckily the little girl suffered no injury other than a few superficial scratches and a slightly swollen knee. Scared and aggressive on the first night leading into the new year, the little girl has quickly settled in, is drinking well and already following her carers outside but still calling for mom.

Carers are still sleeping with her but the Team will discuss a plan of action with our vet Dr Pierre about introducing to another orphan as soon as possible. She was named Eve, the first New Years baby at the Orphanage.


*4 January 2019 – Update*
Our New Years baby is doing beyond expectation. We have introduced her to our baby boy Marang. Scared of each other at first, our two youngest babies seem to realise that apart from their human mommies, each other is all they have.
Marang better known as little Ray at the orphanage, arrived when he was only between 7 and 10 days old. The first 4,5 months he only had his human carers by his side. Then Kaytie & Lacy arrived and although much older was introduced to the little boy. They have been getting along but the age difference was apparent. The Team decided to split Ray off from the girls to be a companion for newly arrived Eve. ❤️ Just look at the adorable photos. Cuteness overload