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High Tech Equipment Donation

August 3, 2020

Our Team would like to send a massive THANK YOU to the @councilofcontributors for their incredible donation to fund consumables for our Abaxis blood chemistry and hematology machines and lab equipment. We are now able to purchase enough rotors and reagents to kick off the much needed Bloodwork database on healthy calves of certain ages, which will enable us to compare the bloods of sick, emaciated and critical rhinos in future, enabling better and more effective treatment. Hand in hand with this we are able to purchase high quality microscopes for our mini-lab, one compound and the other a smaller high-tech digital, to do blood smear work and parasitology research (obtained from fecal samples).

To each and every member, supporter and donor of the CoC, your hearts are in the right place ❤️🦏 and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your donation makes a difference and #yourkindnessSaveslives