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How Your Kids Can Help Save the Rhinos

September 1, 2020

It’s Spring Day, the start of Rhino Month and our Team is super excited to officially launch a brand new project the carers have been working on. 🌻

We often get followers who want to know how their kids can help rhinos or get involved. Well Kids here is a project especially for you…

🦏 The Little Rhino Heroes Club 🦏

If you love not just rhinos but everything about animals and nature, then our brand new club is just for you (and those of us who are grown-up kids too) 😉. Learn about rhinos and nature, have fun with puzzles and mind games, read about the orphans that live at the orphanage, enjoy our very own Crash Creche comic strip, color in, read stories and complete our challenges to earn your badges and become a Rhino Orphanage Ambassador. And the best part – everything is 100% authentic Rhino Orphanage..👌. written, drawn and presented by our very own rhino moms! Your annual membership fee will contribute directly to security and care of the rhino babies.

The Rhino Moms are super proud of this Club and hope that you and your kids are just as excited as they are. Everything is electronic which means any kid ANYWHERE in the world can join our Club.

If you are interested please email us at with Kids Club in the subject line.