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Insights from a Volunteer at The Rhino Orphanage

November 6, 2015

By Biance Boswell

Working at The Rhino Orphanage has been an amazing experience, and even though it felt like such a short time, I have gained unforgettable memories and great experience. The work around the orphanage is definitely a huge challenge but the reward of knowing that these beautiful, amazing baby rhinos are being cared for and loved so much makes up for it every time. The babies are such cute little prehistoric monsters and never fail to make you smile. Kabelo being the newest baby here I got to spend a bit of loving one on one time with him. He is super friendly and has such a great personality. He will always have a place in my heart even though in the first weeks he gave me a massive bruise on my leg. And he made sure that when I leave here my legs and body will never be the same again.

The girls working on a daily basis are constantly here for them, caring for them and loving them unconditionally. I take my hat off to these absolutely amazing, beautiful insanely caring and crazy ladies. If anyone is interested in volunteering here, know that you will be with the best of the best fighting for these beautiful creatures. A bunch of ladies that are most definitely crazy in their heads, but never have I meet such inspirational people so dedicated and focused on saving any and all rhinos now and in the future. I will miss all of the girls and all of the babies.