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Introducing Rhino Orphans

August 7, 2021

The Awesome Four

A little while ago we introduced Annie to Mapimpi’s old friends, Jessie and Amelia. It was an easy introduction but once everyone got comfortable, Amelia’s confidence took over. She quickly realized that Annie was smaller and younger than her and started bullying Annie. Our carers kept close watch and noticed that Annie was off by herself very often and sometimes chased away from food. They also caught Annie eating sand, something seen quite often in calves under stress.

It was decided to rather split the 4 up again to lessen the stress on little Annie. Stress & especially sand eating can lead to impaction colic and may potentially be fatal if not caught early. Luckily Annie has no gut problems and she is much more relaxed now that her and her pal Mapimpi have the area to themselves again. We will put them back together at a later stage when Annie is older.