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J’aime, New Rhino Orphan

March 17, 2017


Last week the rhino poaching crisis took a terrible turn as 16 rhinos were killed in the space of two days, at various locations around the country. As is so often the case, the killings left behind a young calf, with no mother to protect and raise her.

The good news is that little J’aime, a white rhino of just 4 weeks old, arrived safely at The Rhino Orphanage where she is in stable condition, and under the watchful care of our dedicated team. J’aime, meaning “I love” in French, was named by her rescuers for the loss of the rhino in the French zoo. During her ordeal J’aime suffered three stab wounds to her back, but they’ve been seen to by vets and we will monitor their healing closely. She has taken to bottle feeding well, and has begun the process of settling in to her new home.

The first few days in a new environment are never easy for a rhino calf, but we’re doing everything in our power to keep her a healthy, happy rhino. For now, that means getting ready to spend the night by her side, so she’s knows she’s not alone.


18 March 2017 – Update!

Little J’aime has settled in very well at the orphanage. She is a very vocal little girl and always wakes her carers up by nibbling on their arms to let them know she’s hungry. She weighs 100kg and is drinking up to 12L of milk per day! Her wounds are looking good so far and we’re all very happy with her progress. Her sweet personality is starting to shine through and everyone at TRO is already in love with little J’aime.


30 March 2017 – Update!

J’aime has adapted very well to her new routine and has started going out for walks in the bush with her carers. After a consultation with Dr Johan Marais and TRO vet, Dr Pierre Bester we have been applying a honey based ointment on her wounds and we are happy to report that they have healed remarkably well!