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Lacy, New Orphan Rhino Arrival

September 8, 2018

** New Arrival **

The Orphanage Team arrived at 2am this morning with a 6 month old white rhino calf, named Lacy. The little princess was spotted alone three days ago and was finally captured late yesterday afternoon after a nerve wrecking search. At this stage no one knows why she was alone, with no sign of her mother and no carcass to be found.

Lacy is an incredible little girl, much to our relief taking her bottle on the very first attempt, earplugs and blindfold removed within a few short hours after arrival. Our vet dr Pierre will give Lacy another check-up on Sunday morning. The last 48 hours has been grueling on rhino and carers alike but for now Lacy is safe and sound and adapting to her new life at an incredible pace.


12 September 2018 – Update
Lacy has been very unsure of herself the past few days and wouldn’t allow her carers in the room with her anymore. We however spent day and night at her doors and the little girl has started to go outside into a small boma connected to her room…. with her carers by her side. Just what the doctor ordered……warm sunshine, birds singing, a fresh cool breeze blowing gently over her skin and lots of ❤. The next step for Lacy today is to move to another room next to her future crash mates, so that they can start meeting through a barrier.