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Little Buddy Helps Rhinos

October 18, 2019

🦏 Help a little buddy help the orphans 🦏

Every so often we get a phone call that puts tears in our eyes, usually the kind that there is another orphaned rhino. But two weeks ago we received the kind of phone call that made our hearts warm and made us tear up.

Meet Kolby, an ambitious 6 year old boy from South Africa that says: “When I grow up I still want to see rhinos” . Kolby doesn’t want any toys for his 7th birthday on 12 November, he wants donations to help save the rhino. And he is definately not scared to set the bar high. His target R50 000 for the Rhino Orphanage. And he wont stop untill he has reached it. His mom says he is dead set on selling things to make money for the rhinos and has been doing chores for pocket money to save. We say: Kolby, all 71000 followers on this page salutes you. You are one amazing boy❤️. Come on Orphanage followers and supporters.

🙌 Lets give Kolby a 7th birthday present he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Lets show the youth that if you dream without limits, you can achieve and live without limits. Support his backabuddy campaign to help our rhino 🦏