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Mofalodi, New Rhino Orphan Arrival

February 1, 2018

* New Arrival *

Our team was called out yesterday to pick up a little female calf who lost her mother to poachers. To our amazement this little girl was miraculously found after she had wondered alone for several days, very dehydrated, tired and scared. She is receiving intravenous fluids and although it has been a long night she finally started drinking this morning. She was given the setswana name Mofalodi meaning ‘Survivor’.

We blindfold all the babies and plug their ears to minimize stress and keep them calmer. This also helps to get them on a bottle quicker.


2 February 2018 – Update
The tense few moments of the next step!! But happy to report our little Mofalodi’s blindfold is off and the earplugs are out. A little disoriented at first but all is well. She can now fully take in her new surroundings and she is drinking well. Our dedicated carers will now work hard to gain this little baby’s trust.

Our little Mofalodi is really going from strength to strenght. The carers will be with her 24/7 and allthough she was calling for her mother a lot the last few hours, she is starting to follow and trust the carers more and more. She will be taken out into a small outside area later to get some exercise, fresh air and sunshine.


4 February 2018 – Update
Mofalodi wanted to go out early this morning. She is showing a lot of interest in her environment and starting to show normal rhino baby behaviour. Which means she is all settled in her new home! Trying to scratch a belly itch on a round log toy is tricky business for a little rhino…


11 February 2018 – Update
Miss Mofalodi has been going out into a large boma area for the last couple of days. She loves being out there and follows the carers where ever they go. She has been exploring the other rhino’s middens, the toys, the rubbing posts and the wallows and loves taking a time out in the sun. Because our little girl trusts the carers to a greater extent now, Lolli will go on her first morning bushwalk tomorrow!