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Previous Rhino Rescue in the Wild Now has her OWN Calf

March 27, 2022


This may not seem like a particularly impressive photo to anyone out there but this photo will probably be one of the most special photos sent to our Orphanage Team to date.

Everything we work for, everything we fight for and everything we promised 10 years ago, summed up in one little footprint in the sand. The first sighted tracks of the very FIRST baby rhino born to one of our orphans. The symbol of what is written on the heart of every single Team member here “THERE IS HOPE”.

We can’t wait to share a picture of Montle’s beautiful baby with you all. Montle came to the Rhino Orphanage on 19 March 2016 as an orphan, her mother butchered. She was released 3 years ago into a safe and well protected reserve. And now almost exactly 6 years to the date after her rescue, she is a mother. Montle is still hiding her newborn calf but we will share more of this incredible event as we get updates on the first sightings from Montle’s rhino monitor and security team. And what more apt to celebrate this new little life in the year we turn to a decade of saving rhinos ❤️🦏


There is Hope 🦏

And we have proof!!!! (Visit the Instagram video here!) Amidst all the worry and intensive care of the new orphan at the facility there is so much joy. We promised to share the first image/video of the first calf born to one of our orphans and here it is. It took 10 years for the first calf to be born to one of our orphans but it is worth all the blood sweat and tears, all the worry and wondering if our approaches with rescue, rehabilitation and release will be successful.

The rhino monitor & Anti-poaching team of the reserve finally caught a glimpse of mother Montle and her precious little baby, only 1 week old. Montle is still very cautious and only afforded the team the few seconds of this video, so we have no idea if it’s a boy or a girl, but what we can see is a bouncy baby rhino, with 2 ears and 4 legs. Montle remains well hidden but the team is monitoring her movements and condition, with Anti-poaching on patrol 24/7. Our Team hopes to visit Montle soon to see this legacy with our own eyes.