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Rhino Orphans Love the Infrared Heat Lights

May 8, 2021

❄️ Winter is Snuggle-time ❄️

As temperatures start dropping our younger orphans have their Infra-red lights on at night time. In the wild their mom’s would know exactly where to go for the night and their calves would snuggle close for warmth. Ending up at the orphanage they don’t have that and our carers will let them sleep indoors where it is warmer. Mapimpi & Annie sleep unsupervised and can not have blankets over them, as little rhino calves often chew & suck on blankets.

They also reach a certain age where they do not tolerate blankets over them anymore. Those like Annie who didn’t need a blanket in the summer heat when she first arrived will definitely not allow a blanket over her back. Infrared lights make an excellent substitute as they provide warmth without disturbing the babies.