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Stevie, Black Rhino Orphan Arrival

April 21, 2019

** New Arrival **

A new rhino has been welcomed into the orphanage family. Meet Stevie, a young black rhino that lost his mom after she died from natural causes. Stevie’s size and young age makes him vulnerable, and with black rhinos being critically endangered, the decision was made to bring him to a safe place. We fetched the little boy driving in a heavy downpour most of the late afternoon and early evening and arrived back at the Orphanage close to midnight.

As Stevie is already passed weaning age, and not compromised or injured, he was offloaded straight into a large boma for observation. So far Stevie is settling in well. He is monitored 24/7 by our carers to ensure that he is eating and drinking, and that he defecates and urinates normally. Once our vet is happy with his progress, introductions to other rhinos will begin. Stay tuned 🦏🦏

Black rhino Stevie is settling in well into his new environment. He is very calm and doesn’t seem stressed. He gets browse cut for him twice daily and is supplemented with lucerne and game pellets. Although wary of the carers, the little guy is very curious and is venturing closer and closer to doors and barriers to see who is there. 👀

Scent introductions between Stevie and his new potential camp mates have begun. Black rhino personalities are very different from that of their “white cousins”. So in order to avoid aggression we swop feces from Stevie and the other rhinos to introduce them all to each other before physical intros. Almost like leaving emails. 😊


*8 May 2019 – Update*
Newest member of our family Stevie, the black rhino, is going from strength to strength. He is eating like a beast, read many “emails” (for those of you who missed his last update – the exchange of feces to introduce Stevie via scent to resident rhinos and vice versa) from new friends and is set to be released from the boma into a camp very soon. We will keep you posted on the introduction to the residents but in the meantime, appreciate the adorable, prehensile, finger-like lip that is the Black Rhino.