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Update on Rescue Rhino and her New Wild-Born Calf

May 5, 2022

Update on Montle and calf

A few short weeks ago one of our orphans, that has been released 3 years ago, gave us the biggest and best birthday gift we could imagine, the first baby born from one of our orphans. Our ultimate goal, our soul purpose of doing what we do became a living, breathing reality. And what a great mom she has turned out to be.

According to the rhino monitor and anti-poaching team Montle has kept her baby well hidden and away from people, in a fantastic area, dense bush offering safety and natural water sources quencing her thirst without having to be seen. Ofcourse we were all eager to see some close up pictures of the baby and know wether it is a boy or girl. And finally after impatiently waiting for an update we received these stunning images of Montle’s calf. A beautiful little girl, living the way she should, alongside her mother, no direct human contact, wild and free.

We are besides ourselves with joy. What better way to celebrate our 10 year existence, inspiring and motivating us even more, to fight for our rhinos and do our thing, always with the rhinos’ best interests at heart. Long live our rhino ❤️ This little princess will have a name soon….