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Welcoming Two New Anti-Poaching Pups

July 1, 2019

Support to the rhino babies and the Rhino Orphanage comes in so many ways and we are always left in awe of people’s kind hearts ❤️. We proudly went to fetch the Orphanage’s new generation of anti-poaching & security dogs. Two incredibly beautiful Belgian Malinois brothers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Marco & Wilna Blom from the Netherlands who bought and donated the dogs to us. Your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you to Ruth Hughes from Rhinos for the Future who was responsible for placing the dogs and making all the arrangements.

Thank you to our good friend Andrew van Ginkel who nominated the Rhino Orphanage as the new home for these gorgeous brothers. And lastly to breeders Andrew and Michelle Warren, these dogs will make a massive difference in the fight against rhino poaching.


** AP & S Dogs ** So we have decided to name one of our Anti-poaching & Security dogs, Duke 🐶

** Anti-poaching & Security Dogs ** So it has been over 24 hours since we asked all of you out there to give us your name suggestions for our newest AP & S dog at the Rhino Orphanage. We had a lot of fun going through all the suggestions and we would like to thank each and every follower that gave their input. We have certainly realized that we don’t have nearly enough dogs for all the awesome names 😄

So we would like all of you to meet Duke’s brother, Hunter. 🐶

Duke and Hunter are still young and will get basic obedience training for now and get to know the rhinos, the area and the carers. When they are old enough they will undergo formal training at an accreditted institution. We are super-excited about our journey with them and would like to thank everyone again who made this possible.