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Annie, White Rhino Rescue Glow Up

February 27, 2022

Today, a year ago, a little rhino found her way to us and straight into our hearts. Distraught, stressed, dehydrated, experiencing severe panic attacks, excruciating gut pain and abrasions on both her corneas…… Too traumatized to be in the dark, having to sleep with the lights on. This little rhino has gone down as one of the top 5 most challenging orphans, with our entire team of carers on shift 24 hours a day. Broken by the loss of her mother to poachers, this little rhino, now 18 months stands proud, healed, strong and a hero to orphan Duane, who just like her, lost his mother to cruel poachers.

This little rhino is Annie. Happy 1 year rescue-versary Sweetheart. May you stand proud as you are about to enter the next stage of your journey and may you never, ever be that broken again ❤️🦏❤️