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adopt a rhino calf

adopt a rhino

orphaned rhinos need your help

If you’ve read the information on our rescue centre page, you’ll understand how our orphaned baby rhinos are rescued, raised, rehabilitated and released. 

However, each rhino comes with its own unique story, and our donors find that they resonate more with some than others.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France

how rhino adoption works


Browse our baby rhinos and read their individual stories.


Fall in love with one (or all!) of them.


Select your rhino orphan.


Select your contribution tier & sign up for monthly donation!

contribution tiers

adopt a rhino orphan

As a supporter, you help provide much-needed milk to your rhino calf.

$10 / MONTH


As a protector, your funds contribute to your rhino orphan’s medical care and equipment so that it can grow strong and stay healthy.

$30 / MONTH


As an Angel, your funds give your rhino calf all the love, exercise, and socialisation it needs to survive and thrive once it’s back in the wild.

$50 / MONTH


As a Saver, you help our anti-poaching and security unit keep our rhino babies safe, so that they never have to endure trauma again.

$100 / MONTH

adopt a rhino orphan

get to know our rhino orphans

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adopt a rhino orphan