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Kaytie, New Rhino Arrival

August 23, 2018

**New Arrival **

On Tuesday the team sadly had to fetch another orphaned rhino calf. The female calf about 6 – 7 months old has luckily suffered no injuries and the team got her drinking within 12 hours of arrival. Her blindfold is off, earplugs are out and the carers have started entering her room. It has however been two very long nights as reality kicked in for Kaytie and she has been desperately calling and pacing, but still drinking well which improved her hydration ten fold.


29 August 2018 – Update
Our last arrival, Kaytie, a 7 month old orphaned rhino, has been through quite a week, but has prooved to be a tough, resilient little rhino. Kaytie suffered a bleeding gastric ulcer and bilateral corneal ulcers in her eyes.

We are happy to report that the ulcer in her left eye has cleared, the one in the right eye is almost gone and her gastric ulcer has healed. She was also allowed outside for the first time today (due to the eye treatments) and she had a fabulous time in the warm spring sunshine