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Kolisi, New Rhino Arrival

December 9, 2019

* Update on new Arrival- Kolisi *

The injured baby rhino that arrived at the orphanage on Saturday is nothing but a little fighter. Our founder Arrie nicknamed this little guy Kolisi, after a humble and courageous man Siya Kolisi, who, despite early hardships, rose to greatness. We know this little rhino is going through a lot but he will rise to become a big strong bull one day. He sure has the personality to match.

The carers took his blindfold off yesterday and met the little fire cracker behind it. Their legs can attest to his fighting spirit, but it’s the way we like it. Little fighters tough as nails. It’s evident that he is still unsure of everything around him but he will realize in time that he is safe. Our vet Dr Pierre along with specialist Dr Johan Marais from Saving The Survivors will come to asses the damage on his foot today. We will keep you posted.

PS Hunter was more than happy to take a break from babysitting with Kolisi’s attitude 😄. We won’t let him in the room for the time being as the little rhino may injure him.