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Kwayera, Rhino Rescue Calf Story of Success

March 24, 2022

* New Arrival *

Our Team has been preparing for the arrival of a white rhino orphan, found wandering alone by field rangers last week. The tiny was captured after a massive but fruitless search for his mother. The calf has been stabilized by the Team from Saving The Survivors and was flown to the Orphanage yesterday by helicopter.

The little is only around 1 month old and he has settled in quickly in his new surroundings. Experiencing a short spell of hypoglycemia after traveling, we are happy to report that he is drinking very well and slept like an angel. Our vet Dr Pierre has paid the little man a visit to check up on him and give instructions on milk schedules. He is a bit unsteady and has a few superficial abrasions on his face from his time spent alone before rescue. At this stage the whereabouts of his mom is still unknown.


25 March – Update
Our new little man is settling in wonderfully at the Orphanage and he is drinking very well. His blood glucose is very stable, his suckling reflex is stronger at every feed and his tummy is taking on the characteristic rhino baby bulge. It is clear that he has been through a lot the last couple of days. He is resting & sleeping often as tiny babies should – on the steps, on the hay, on his bed, on mom’s bed and standing up but mostly he snuggles as close as he can to his carers. He is a very sweet-natured affectionate little boy and has already left deep deep footprints on everyone’s hearts ❤️

29 March – Update
Our newest little orphan has suffered a sudden set back during the last 36 hours. He has started showing neurological symptoms and is generally feeling flat. Our vet has put him on an IV and given medication as he is struggling to drink and urinate. These developing symptoms bring us back to what exactly happened to this little boy before his rescue. So many questions are left unanswered. How did he get the abrasion on his face? Did his mom leave him behind because she sensed something was wrong? What caused the instability the first few days post rescue? Did he take a hit on his head & face? Our vet dr Pierre, is consulting with dr Johan and other vets on the best course of action. Keep this young boy in your thoughts. Our carers are keeping close watch over this precious little one. We will update as soon as we have clarity or any developments.

14 April – Update & Appeal for Donations
Calling all our Kind Hearts ❤️🦏❤️

Our little boy, Kwayera has finished his course of cortisone but has started showing neurological symptoms once again. His tummy is also struggling somewhat to adapt to the milk formula at full strength. He is still drinking well luckily and even picked up 2 – 3kg, weighing in at only 65kg. Our carers have given him some famous “poojuice” (fecal juices from other milk drinking rhinos) to aid digestion of milk.

It is clear that Kwayera, just like little Impi with her knee injury, will require long-term medical care and with medical bills piling up, and even more bills coming in the foreseeable future, we are launching a fundraiser to help both these precious babies. Every calf counts and we refuse to give up on their treatment. Please donate today if you can.