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Tshepo, New Rhino Arrival

October 20, 2017


This week TRO has seen the arrival of a 21 month old white rhino calf. He came in on Wednesday from a reserve where his mother was shot and sadly killed. He was also shot but survived the attacked and is now safe in our boma. He has joined Neni’s group and the company of these rhinos should help him settle into his new home. The bullet wound was cleaned by our vet and we will monitor him closely to make sure he makes a full recovery.

His friendly demeanor reminded us of our hard-working and trusted staff member Tshepo. Tshepo has been with us for many years and always has a smile on his face. Therefore, the team here TRO decided that it would be fitting to call this rhino after Tshepo.


*24 October 2017 – Update*

Tshepo has formed a bond with his new rhino crash! Neni, Thula, Nandi and Bombi quickly accepted Tshepo into their rhino family and the 5 of them spend their days grazing, mud wallowing and taking long naps under the trees. His wound is still being closely monitored by the team and is slowly starting to heal!