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Update on Rhino Calf Mauled by Lions

January 17, 2022

Update on Impi

Our Team has asked specialist vet, Dr Johan Marais from Saving The Survivors , for assistance with our little warrior princess, Impi. Our followers will recall this little girl being attacked by 12 lions in July/August 2021, with brave mom Manala, fighting them off, saving her calf on multiple occasions. Impi’s wounds have healed very well but the little calf, after being giving ample time to recover, is still limping. At first it was thought that her joint would take longer to heal internally as our team could not perform active physiotherapy on the wild calf but Dr Pierre got concerned as it appeared that she was not stepping fully on the leg the last couple of weeks.

After being x-rayed and the leg assessed today by Dr Johan and our vet Dr Pierre, it is evident that she will probably need surgery as the medial condyle of the femur (in layman’s terms the round head of the big bone in her leg) had suffered damage and ligaments in the joint are not attached correctly or not at all. Dr Johan & Dr Pierre will get input from other specialists as well, and together the team of vets will decide on the way forward to help our little girl.

Apart from limping, Impi is doing wonderful, gaining weight and eating solids, and off course still drinking from mom. We will update once we know the course of action.