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White Rhino Orphan is Afraid of the Dark

March 12, 2021

** Update on Annie **

It seems like Annie’s gut is starting to feel a whole lot better. She is still passing fairly dry, compact faecal balls but they are smaller and not hurting her as much as they pass. Annie has still shown restless behaviour though, jumping up every 15 to 20 minutes, pacing around and calling for a few minutes, and settling next to her human mom, sometimes almost on top of her as she tries to get close just to jump up again in 20 minutes. Ofcourse making for sleepless nights for rhino and the 2 carers with her.

But we may have just figured out what the problem is. Our theory is little Annie is afraid of the dark. We noticed that she is now more peaceful during the day and the pacing starts around 7 o’ clock at night and keeps going till morning. So we left the bright room lights on last night and Annie slept straight through from milkfeed to milkfeed. Unfortunately our power went out just after midnight and the pacing & calling started again until around 3 when the power came back on. We do have an emergency rechargable light but it is not bright enough as the ulcers on her eyes are influencing her sight. Her sight will improve as the ulcers clear up luckily.

Who knows what horror those little eyes have witnessed, what this little heart endured.

The first 2 videos shows Annie passed out last night with lights on, the other (excuse the bad quality) her calling in the dark the night before. The 4th shows the pacing/calling restlessness in the early morning. Heartbreaking what she is going through. We will test this theory again tonight.

View videos of Annie during this process on our Instagram – Here, Here and Here.

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