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rhino rescue stories

Baby Goat and Baby Rhino Best Friends

When a baby goat and a baby rhino becomes besties… Little Kwayera has been with us for 3 months already. He is a very laid back, quiet little boy and

Win a Stay at The Rhino Orphanage with Baby Rhinos

Calling all rhino lovers πŸ“’ 🦏🦏 Last chance to win a 2 night stay in 2023 with our 10th birthday fundraiser. Come and experience our life with rhinos, stay onsite,

Another Successful Rhino Rewilding and Wild Calf Birth

As all our followers know we had the wonderful news that Montle, one of our released orphans, had a calf in March. It was decided that our beautiful birthday gift,

Update on Rescue Rhino and her New Wild-Born Calf

Update on Montle and calf A few short weeks ago one of our orphans, that has been released 3 years ago, gave us the biggest and best birthday gift we

Previous Rhino Rescue in the Wild Now has her OWN Calf

🍾🦏 INCREDIBLE NEWS🍾🦏 This may not seem like a particularly impressive photo to anyone out there but this photo will probably be one of the most special photos sent to

Kwayera, Rhino Rescue Calf Story of Success

* New Arrival * Our Team has been preparing for the arrival of a white rhino orphan, found wandering alone by field rangers last week. The tiny was captured after

Annie, White Rhino Rescue Glow Up

Today, a year ago, a little rhino found her way to us and straight into our hearts. Distraught, stressed, dehydrated, experiencing severe panic attacks, excruciating gut pain and abrasions on

Emergency with White Rhino Rescue Duanne

* An unexpected emergency * Our carers noticed that Duane has not been himself the last few days and upon checking his vitals, discovered that he is running a fever

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